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Many organisations today are not aware of their inadequate governance in management.

Indicators are:

No clear objectives

Inadequate risk management

Delivery inefficiencies 

Ineffective engagement across stakeholders

A lack of agility

Reduced visibility across the enterprise

Misalignment between corporate & operational objectives

Poor leadership & governance

Contradictory issues across the organisation or simply the lack of know-how, these are often the root cause of the problem.


At other times the inadequacy may stem from unique events, such as mergers requiring the integration of several diverse businesses.

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With Micromax Consulting you will benefit from an innovative, effective service that delivers a logical framework to govern the management of your business. Delivered efficiently and effectively, our unique approach is based on the integration of the best of people, practices and processes.

MicroMax Consulting offers multi-disciplinary cross-sector strategic advice on:

People-centered governance


Diversity & inclusion

Project management

Digital transformation

Risk & assurance

Operational excellence

Cyber security

We work with small and medium size enterprises, governments, multinational private organisations, world leading higher education institutions and professional institutions in an advisory or non-executive director capacity to effect positive change at strategic and operational levels.

Before embarking on any engagement, we learn about your organisation and requirements, enabling us to propose an optimal solution. Our focused approach enables us to tailor our service to suit your specific needs and adapt it should your business priorities change.  

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As your engagement with us progresses, you will see a significant and tangible change in capability. In particular you will note: 

Improved transparency across your business portfolio to support the overarching business strategy

Clear alignment of business objectives, ensuring these objectives deliver real value to the business

Increased agility, enabling you to quickly adapt to market changes

A risk-aware culture with greater ownership and accountability

Cost savings through efficiencies gained

A reduction in risk through appropriate risk management

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