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About Us

We help organisations maximise business value from their investments in people and technology.

By specialising in technology, governance and people, we ensure practices at the executive and the operational levels are aligned and share the capability and know-how to successfully deliver their business goals.

Working across a diverse range of organisations around the globe, MicroMax Consulting works closely with stakeholders to deliver a robust and repeatable framework that brings existing capabilities to life.

Founder Dr Nneka Abulokwe, OBE is one of the UK’s leading business growth specialists.  She has had an extensive and rewarding career working in some of the largest technology companies in the world, delivering digital and business transformation solutions ensuring that “no one is excluded”.

Nneka has developed an innovative form of governance for the digital world known as people centric, which places employees at its core, challenges conventional thinking and engenders stakeholder commitment.

With an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration from Cranfield, Nneka works with public-sector and Fortune 500 clients across four continents and has a successful track record in business transformation. 

She is passionate about people, good governance and harnessing technology to achieve business objectives.

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Informed by the latest thinking

At MicroMax Consulting we combine industry best practice with practice-led research. By understanding, interpreting and then applying it in context, we adapt the latest proven know-how to the benefit of each of our engagements.  


Further, our influential relationship with professional bodies ensures our engagements capture the latest industry thinking. Being passionate about governance and delivery excellence, fuelled by enthusiasm and dedication, our experts actively challenge today’s viewpoint to help bring about continual improvement.

Why choose MicroMax Consulting?

We are uniquely positioned to bring you an unsurpassed service. Not only are we informed by the latest thinking, we have years of practical experience across a wide range of industries and types of organisation – ensuring we bring proven knowledge and practice to our engagement. 


No matter how diverse or complex your organisation, we have the expertise to equip your management team with the skills and knowledge to foster positive diverse digital cultures, thereby delivering on your key business goals. This is achieved through the intelligent use of technology and governance to:

Simplify working practices

Align perspectives

Clarify your strategy

Enhance risk awareness

Simplify your governance

Improve your clients engagement

Increase business efficiency

Improve your agility

Embrace the latest know-how

Provide a robust & sustainable foundation for your future

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